Sustainability Policy

We conceived of Native Tours because we believe that sustainable tourism can enrich the lives of travelers as well as the people and places they visit, allowing local communities to prosper while safeguarding the rich ancestral heritage that makes them unique and attractive.

We believe that when a visitor sees breathtaking landscapes with their own eyes, participates directly in local traditions and integrates with local individuals, they are touched in a profound way that transforms perspectives forever. When they take this experience home, they not only have amazing experiences to share with friends and loved ones, but they also take a piece of that culture and natural beauty back home with them, becoming a potent force for the conservation of the places they visited.

In essence, we hope to inspire travelers to discover and cherish the earth and its people.

One of our guiding principles is to positively impact the areas we explore and in which we work.

To this end, we donate 50% of our profits to support projects at the global, regional, and local levels.

We aim to protect the last wild places in the world, support innovative local projects, and facilitate conservation, research, education, and community development projects in the places we explore.

·       First and foremost, you, the traveler, win because you have an authentic, unforgettable experience of a lifetime and a rich cultural exchange that will make for life-long memories and tales.

·       The environment wins, through responsible use of natural resources, traveler appreciation for conservation, and organizational contributions to support biodiversity protection.

·       Our local indigenous communities win, because they are paid a fair price to share their cultural activities, thus cultivating pride in their cultural identity and the means to preserve their cultural heritage.

·       The local workforce wins, through WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) fair wages, safe working conditions, and capacity-building programs that increase their social and economic empowerment.

·       Our partner non-profits win, through our funding of community and environmental projects to improve their standard of living.

·       Our organization wins, through sustainable management, organizational stability, safety standards, customer satisfaction, and environmental and socio-cultural policies we can we feel proud of.

It is our vision that Native Tours will be a model for the Latin American tourism industry by increasing the visibility of sustainable eco-tourism and raising the standards for other tour operators in the region. By supporting certified sustainable tour operators such as Native Tours, travelers can maximize social and economic benefits to the local communities while preserving the culture and environment of the places they visit. They can make their vacation count!

Karen Vergara

Founder, Native Tours

March 2017

NOTE: This policy is a public document available for download. The organization invites staff, guests, partners, and the community to suggest ways to further achieve best practice environmental and social sustainability. This policy is reviewed annually.