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Having a guide for our trip to Peru made such a difference. I can’t imagine not having the knowledgeable guides available to us while visiting such historic and beautiful sites. I was a little nervous about visiting a country where I didn’t speak the language, but the guides made me feel comfortable and helped me to interact with shopkeepers while informing me about the history and culture of everything around me. It was one of the highlights of my life. Thank you so much for allowing me to experience such a rich culture.
— Marcy H. Houston, TX
The Inca Trail was grueling, but I’m proud to say I finished it! We met the most interesting people along the way and the scenery is amazing! And of course, our reward for completing the trail was seeing Machu Picchu, truly one of the 7 Wonders of the World!
— “KJ” L. Dallas, TX

Inca Trail to machu Picchu

Q'oricancha gardens in Cusco

Thank you so much for arranging the most memorable tours of Cusco and Machu Picchu and the surrounding areas. It was so exciting to learn about the history and culture of such an ancient society. Your guides were so informative and knowledgeable that it really enhanced our experience. The transportation was very well organized and timely from the vans to the train ride into Machu Picchu. The accommodations and restaurants you chose were excellent. Thank you so much for making our vacation to Peru one of the most favorite of all our experiences that we will never forget!
— Harry and Melissa H. Hallandale Beach, FL
Our trip to Peru was fabulous! We loved the Spanish colonial architecture in Cusco, and were blown away by Machu Picchu! The way the Incans were able to build without using mortar, and having virtually no space between blocks was incredible. Their walls and dwellings have lasted several centuries with little or no signs of decay. Our guide was of Incan descent, spoke several languages, and was one of the best we’ve ever had in all our travels! She was very personable and accommodating, and had a wealth of interesting information. We would highly recommend Native Tours for your trip to Peru!
— Ted and Jane S. Peoria, IL

Plaza de Armas Cathedral colonial architecture, Cusco, Peru


Llama at Machu Picchu

We has planned way in advance to visit Peru. All we could think of was that this was a trip of a lifetime, but we had just delivered our first child. We were unsure about going to another country with a baby of only 3 months old. After looking at the details of the trip there were no more questions, we were ready to check macchu pichu off our bucket list. Everything was planned out to a “T”. Who our drivers would be, which bus we would take and when we had to get on the train. There was time enough in each town to get a feeling for the people and beauty that Peru has to offer. I felt safe the entire time. We even took a side trip with our tour guide to meet his family, it was a very sweet exchange, because his sister had a baby the same age as ours. The weather was amazing. When we ventured up to Macchu Pichu at dawn, the sunrise was the most phenomenal and breathtaking sight i’ve ever witnessed. I just kept saying over and over, this is amazing, this is a amazing. We took so many pictures, but my memories have more detail of the awesomeness of this place. Pictures do not do my words justice. Remember to bring your passport when you visit macchu pichu, because they will give you a special stamp, we missed this opportunity and have regretted it ever since. I would not hesistate to visit again because I know how organized the trip will be and how safe we would be with Karen and Willy’s expert advice and love for all things Peru.
— Lizzie and Santosh K. Bentonville, AR
When your ready for one of those trips of a life time, Native Tours, is a very good place to start. We were struck by Karen Vegara’s close relationships with not only the Parks, Trails and local guides - who make-or-break a venture like this. If your into hiking, they’ve been there, and done it, many times. Cusco and Machu Picchu were a long way outside of our comfort zone, and it turned out to be the high light of our South American travels. Karen’s knowledge and integrity made our Peruvian travels easy and enjoyable!
— Tom & Pat L. Friendswood, TX

Puca Pukara, Ancient Inca Control Point, Cusco, Peru

Coca leaf offering for Mother Earth as part of Pago a la Tierra ritual

In Good Hands… International travel can be intimidating, especially when you don’t speak the native lingo or know the local customs. But those were the areas where my guide on a 10-day trip to Peru excelled. My group of Americans was presented with so many options as far as day and overnight trips in and around our base at Cusco. And our guide, with her fluent English and seemingly endless knowledge of local and national culture both past and present, was delightful. With our limited Spanish, somebody suggested we call her El Jefe, which in American movies some Mexican soldiers or bandits always seemed to be calling their leader. A quick language lesson later, she became La Jefa. From Cusco in the deep valley of the Urubamba River to the ancient city ruins atop Machu Picchu, the sights were breath-taking. But digital media can now bring those views into your living room. What made our trip special was a guide who not only knew her area’s people and places but also understood her aliens. Toward the end of our stay, we just asked her to pick where we would go, how we would get there, and what we would eat. You gotta know the territory. And that includes knowing your customers.
— Bob L. Peoria, IL