Volunteer and study programs include optional outside activities to help you immerse yourself in the local culture. The frequency and availability of activities depends on the location of your volunteer or language study program, the season of the year (climate), and local festivities and holidays. The standard trips involve traveling with fellow volunteers or students and include a free guide and coordinator, but transportation, meals, and entry fees must be paid for out-of-pocket. If you’d like to arrange private transportation for excursions during your volunteer or study program, we are happy to customize and quote this upgrade for you.

◦ Day trips/hikes to area historical ruins and religious sites - Huanca, Huchuy Qosqo, Pikillacta, Pisac, Sacsayhuaman, Salineras, Tipon
◦ Week-end trips - Lares hot springs, Ausangate mountain, Machu Picchu
◦ Field trips - Huatias (Incan oven outdoor cooking), visiting the market
Visiting historical neighborhoods - Cusco Historical District, San Blas barrio
◦ Visiting museums & art galleries
◦ Cultural & historical lectures
◦ Musical recitals & concerts

◦ Peruvian folkloric dances and salsa dancing
◦ Peruvian cooking
◦ Theater, cinema, & story telling
◦ Cultural & historical videos
◦ Yoga
◦ Traditional weaving
◦ Evening social activities
- dancing or dinner (note: cost of drinks or "dinner out" is not included in the tuition.)