Tired of rushed, 20-cities-in-20-days tours where you get on-the-bus-then-off-the-bus take a selfie in front of landmark #17?

Want to get to know what’s behind the landmark? What the local people are like, how they live, what they eat, and what’s important to them? Really immerse yourself in an authentic travel experience?

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
— Robert Frost (1874–1963)

Introducing Native Tours

We are a sustainable community-based tour operator offering authentic excursions that foster an appreciation for environmental and cultural conservation. We believe that responsible tourism can improve the lives of travelers as well as the people and places they visit, allowing the local communities to prosper while safeguarding the rich ancestral heritage that makes them so unique and attractive.

Discover yourself as you discover Latin America

Latin America’s landscapes range from majestic glacial mountains to lush tropical rainforests, from cascading waterfalls to soothing hot springs, from rushing rapids to meandering rivers.

It shelters the loquacious scarlet macaw, the charming emperor tamarin monkey, the sleek and stealthy jaguar, the rare white caiman, the silky chinchilla, fleecy llamas, and the scholarly spectacled bear.

It is home to the genuine provincial quinoa farmer, the pan flute musician with his poignant ancestral melody, the textile weaver with her brightly-colored native dress, and the exotic daughter of an Amazon River Basin tribe.

Here you can savor flavors from the ripest, sweetest, sunset-orange papaya picked straight from the tree or a mouthwatering feast prepared by a world-famous chef.

Here, you can experience the wonders of the region personally and privately. You can feed your soul, be inspired, be generous, learn.

Write your own unbelievable travel stories.

Featured Journey

Yoga Retreat in Mystical Peru


·       Rising for sunrise yoga with the breathtaking view of Machu Picchu as a backdrop.

·       Meditating atop the "Inca's throne" with the majestic mountain valley spread out below you.

·       Savoring mouth-watering vegan dishes prepared by local chefs.

·       Resonating with the emanations of ancient Incan temples built on sites rife with energetic quartz.

·       Sharing in local shamanic ceremonies atop forgotten rocky ruins.

·       Sensing your eyes awash with the colorful traditional costumes of the indigenous communities.

·       Feeling good about your travels because you chose a sustainable tour operator that contributes to fair trade and local non-profits.


In Good Hands

International travel can be intimidating, especially when you don't speak the native lingo or know the local customs.

But those were the areas where my guide on a 10-day trip to Peru excelled.

My group of Americans was presented with so many options as far as day and overnight trips in and around our base at Cusco. And our guide, with her fluent English and seemingly endless knowledge of local and national culture both past and present, was delightful.

With our limited Spanish, somebody suggested we call her El Jefe, which in American movies some Mexican soldiers or bandits always seemed to be calling their leader. A quick language lesson later, she became La Jefa.

Toward the end of our stay, we just asked her to pick where we would go, how we would get there, and what we would eat. From Cusco in the deep valley of the Urubamba River to the ancient city ruins atop Machu Picchu, the sights were breath-taking. But digital media can now bring those views into your living room.

What made our trip special was a guide who not only knew her area's people and places but also understood her 'alien' visitors.

-- Robert, L. Peoria, Illinois, USA